10 Last minute Christmas gifts to make on your Cricut

We’re going to let you in on a secret….the perfect personalised gift does not need to cost a fortune, or take an age. We’ve rounded up 10 last-minute gifts you can make using your Cricut machine!

These 10 easy ideas will bring your gift game up from last minute thrown-in-the-trolley to next level handmade, personalised, thoughtful gifts.

From teens to the office secret Santa there’s something for everyone on your list!

T-Shirts you can’t buy

Create a one of a kind T-shirt that they will love! Perfect for hard to buy for teens, pop an image or quote onto a blank t-shirt for instant brownie points!

Cricut designed T shirt with a bee

Bee Kind T’Shirt:

One of a kind jewellery

Create unique jewellery with a handmade touch, using faux leather and Iron-on. Make a matching set to gift to the ladies in your life.

Leather jewellery with foil iron on

Leopard Print Leather Jewellery:

Make a note with paper based gifts

Stationery lovers will adore this handmade notebook! Personalise with their initials for an extra special touch.

Personalised notebooks

Tear Away Notebook:

Socks don’t have to be boring!

Level up the obligatory sock gift by adding some Iron-on to turn them into a more personalised gift!

Customised Cricut socks

Hippie Bus Socks:

In the frame

Framed wall art is a lovely gift to give to share memories with friends. Why not add the skyline of a favourite destination using vinyl to create a gift that will be hung up for all to see?

Cricut Framed project

Cityscape Art:

The perfect gift is in the bag

Everyone needs a tote bag, be it a ballet bag, a shopping bag, a book bag – it’s an easily personalised gift for all ages that will be put to good use! This would make an ideal gift for teachers this Christmas too.

Cricut personalised tote bag

Dancer Tote Bag:

Mugs made special

Add a sassy quote in vinyl to a plain mug and make a coffee (or tea!) lover’s Christmas!

Customised Cricut coffee cup

Stay Up Late Mug:

Coaster set and match

Use Cricut Infusible InkTM to create a ceramic coaster set that matches their décor! A perfect stocking filler, that will become the talk of their coffee table!

Constellation Coasters

Constellation Coasters:

Make it up!

A personalised make-up bag always goes down a treat. Add a favourite book or movie quote, initials or song lyrics for a gift that your whole girl gang will adore!

Make Up Bag with Cricut Infusible Ink

Jane Austen Titles Cosmetic Bag:

The key to the perfect gift

These keyrings look ultra-luxe but are so simple to make and are easily whipped up with a sheet of leather and a keyring.

Cricut Bag Tassel

Leather Tassel Key Chain:


Sharing #MessagesofJoy

Just like the rest of 2020, Christmas is going to look a little different this year. Despite the recent announcement of a temporary respite, the holiday period will still see more restrictions than ever before, with families shaping up to be a little more distant at a time which usually brings us closer together.

Despite all of the hardships the country has been through as a collective, 2020 has also brought out the best in people. We’ve celebrated lockdown birthdays, made friends with our postmen, and clapped for our key workers – recognising some of our real heroes who have helped the country keep going. While the prospect of restrictions easing in the spring there is a sense of a tough winter period ahead – and we all need a bit of a lift heading into 2021.

One of the easiest ways to give people a lift – whether it’s a friend, family member or neighbour – is kindness. Even just small, thoughtful acts can go a long way to showing someone you care. It even makes us feel good too. We carried out research to find out the nations latest attitudes towards kindness and its importance. We found that over half (58%) of people prefer giving, to receiving acts of kindness.

Being kind is important to us at Cricut. It may seem obvious, but we’ve always been struck by the power our products have to bring joy, thoughtfulness and kindness to someone’s day – from making someone a personalised card, to customising a gift for a special occasion. Cricut really does have the power to add little touches, which make a big difference.

That’s why this Christmas, we’ve launched the #MessagesOfJoy campaign, celebrating the small acts of kindness each of us has the power to bring to someone who might need it.

We’ve partnered with the fabulous Katie Piper to create the #MessagesOfJoy positive affirmations  – beautifully crafted quotes that can be added to a gift, decorations, cards and more, to give that special someone the lift they might need. From ‘Thankyou For Being You’ to ‘Kindness Is Love Made Visible’, the mantras have been crafted to get people thinking, and creating.

We’d love to see you recreating Katie’s projects or maybe even creating your own personal messages for your loved ones. Don’t forget to share them with us on all of our social channels using #MessagesOfJoy. Because at Cricut, we care about kindness, and this year, we could all use a little more of it.


Cricut Christmas Playlist

Get into the Christmas spirit with this curated playlist hosted on Spotify.

This is the perfect soundtrack to your Christmas crafting and you’ll have it playing on a loop whilst the Cricut magic happens.

Here’s a small selection of what treats await:

There are more than 30 tunes in total, including Celeste’s soundtrack to this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert – A Little Love, and Cricut’s very own craft ambassador Zooey Deschanel’s duet with Leon Radbone – Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Pour a glass of mulled wine, warm cider or a cosy hot chocolate and get your Christmas craft on!


Create this Christmas

Make this Christmas more meaningful than ever with handmade gifts and home decor from the heart. From a show-stopping wreath to hang for years to come to yarn ornaments you can wrap with the little ones, find peace and joy in the making process, whichever project you pick. 

Cricut tree decorations

Yarn Wrapped Ornaments

These simple yarn-wrapped ornaments will make a big impact on your tree, and they’re wonderfully easy for smaller helping hands to assemble.

Cut chipboard on the Cricut MakerTM and wrap with yarn glueing the ends in place. Add a yarn loop and hang on the tree. We chose a tree, star and reindeer but you can choose whatever shape you like.

Cricut made tree decorations

Yarn Wrapped Ornaments:

Homemade Infused Oil Labels

Bring the fun, the festive, and some amazing flavour to the dinner table with tasty olive oil infusions adorned with custom labels.

Homemade infused olive oil with Cricut labels

Let the Cricut JoyTM draw and cut your labels. Add lemon, chilli peppers and garlic to oil bottles, and fill with olive oil. Carefully peel backer away from label and adhere to the bottle with even pressure.

Homemade Olive Oil Labels:

Mistletoe Wreath

Handmade Mistletoe Wreath
Handmade Mistletoe Wreath

You may want to kiss yourself after you make this head-turner. This festive wreath won’t wilt, shrivel, or shed. We expect you’ll keep it hanging all winter long … and every subsequent season.

Mistletoe Wreath:

Handmade Mistletoe Wreath

Virtual Cocktail Box

There is crafting — and there are craft cocktails. This original gift kit blends them together, adding more magic to the art of mixology. It’s also a clever and fun way to bring friends together for a virtual cheers.

Virtual Cricut Cocktail Club Kit

Use Cricut Joy to create labels for your cocktail ingredients and apply to the containers. Cut the box label and weed away excess vinyl. Use Transfer Tape to help apply the letters to the box. Add tissue paper to the box, fill the containers with the ingredients and place inside the box. Send to your Cricut Cocktail Club cohorts and enjoy a virtual get together.

Virtual Cocktail Box:


Round up of fancy-dress outfits made with Cricut

Left it to the last minute to create a spooky outfit for Hallowe’en? Let your Cricut machine help you out!

Here’s a host of scary ideas from quick T-Shirt designs to hilarious dog costumes, that will have you looking Hallowe’en-ready in no time!

Skeleton Hoodie

Perfect for all ages, all you need to recreate this skeleton look is a plain black track suit and some white iron-on.

Skeleton Sweatshirt DIY :

Lobster dog costume

Make your furry friend an outfit that will be the talk of your street, What a cute crustacean!

Lobster Dog Costume:

404 Error T-shirt

This is the perfect last-minute costume for the geek in your life who likes a more subtle approach to dressing up!

404 Error Costume:

Superhero cape

Superheroes unite! Another quick and simple upcycle, takes a plain cape into your mini superhero’s dream costume!

Dress up Superhero:

Shark head

This 3D shark head, creates a costume from a couple of sheets of cardstock, making it perfect for all ages to get involved with the making!

Gentleman Shark Costume:

Clown costume

Opt for a cute clown look with this easy DIY costume, all you need is a plain white t-shirt and some coloured iron-on, to create a clown that’s circus ready!

Clown Costume:

Mermaid tail skirt

If you can’t dress up as a mermaid for Halloween, when can you? Take a plain long skirt and create a beautiful shimmering mermaid tail that you can use with your land legs!

Mermaid Tail Costume:

Jellyfish costume

This costume uses party foil and iron-on to create a splendid, shimmering jelly fish!

Jelly Jelly Jellyfish costume:

Pumpkin baby suit

The cutest pumpkin in your family needs a cute outfit to match, take a plain orange baby grow and add a pumpkin face to create a cute outfit for the youngest member of your family.

Pumpkin baby bodysuit:


10 things you didn’t know you could do with Cricut

We often say that the possibilities are endless when you own a Cricut machine as there are so many different types of projects you can create. In this round up of 10 things you didn’t know you could make with a Cricut, there are a few more ideas that might surprise you!

1. Doormats

Welcome visitors to your home with an extra personal greeting by creating your own doormat. Simply cut a stencil from stencil or removable vinyl and use it to paint a long-lasting doormat that will wow your guests and the postman!

Good Vibes doormat:

2. Doll house furniture

Project by @make.e on Instagram

To create miniature versions of your furniture there is no better tool than the Cricut maker! Emily (better know on Instagram as Make.e) has been creating a gorgeous dolls house with her Cricut Maker, we want to move in!

3. Body art stencils

Body artist Cat Finlayson cuts stencils on her Cricut machines to create intricate body art! Cat uses the stencils to add paint to a model’s body in intricate custom patterns. This technique would work great at home for children’s glitter tattoos and face paint too! Cat explains how she creates her stencils in her blog post here.

4. Engraved jewellery

Add an even more personal touch to a keepsake gift by engraving a name onto a charm before gifting it to a loved one. This thoughtful touch is made possible by the engraving tool on the Cricut Maker.

You can create your own using this project link:

5. Cut and sew a backpack

The rotary blade on the Cricut Maker takes the faff out of pattern cutting and marking. You can cut out all of the pieces for your own classy backpack on your machine, then sew them together to create a backpack to carry all of your things around in!

Classy kids backpack:

6. Pawsome puzzles

Creating a personalised puzzle is great gift! Use the print and cut function to print out a photo then cut it into puzzle pieces, perfect for game night!

Poppy dog puzzle:

7. Tracing board for kids

Create an educational tracing mat tool for your little ones using the Cricut Maker. Children can trace the letters with white board markers, then you can wipe clean ready for next time!

Karley Hall shows you how to create your own in her video:

8. Vinyl tile upgrade

Want to freshen up a kitchen or bathroom on a budget? Or perhaps you are renting, so new tiles are out of the question. Use vinyl over the top of your existing tiles to create beautiful new ones!

9. Get off on the right foot with these baby shoes

Welcoming a new member of the family calls for a beautiful handmade gift. You can create a stunning pair of moccasins for baby using your Cricut Explore or Maker using this Design Space project:

10. Stamp of approval

Want to create your own stamps? You can use your machine to cut layers of craft foam to create a stamp that’s personal to you!

Acorn stamp:

There are hundreds more Ready to Make projects in Cricut Design Space if you’re in need of more inspiration. Head to or the iOS / Android app store to download the free app.


The art of tablescaping

Instagram is awash with images of beautiful tablescapes making an event of even the most mundane Sunday brunch. Here, we’ve put together our top tips for nailing this trend.

What is tablescaping?

It’s way simpler than it sounds. Tablescaping is simply the act of creatively decorating your tabletop. Traditionally, you’d have seen these beautiful table settings at events and weddings but these days, even a casual meal with friends can be reason enough to dress to impress.  

You’ll see lots of celebrities like Laura Jackson and Fiona Leahy adding charm to their dinner parties by adding creative touches to their tables. But with a bit of imagination and a touch of DIY, you can get the look at home for a fraction of the cost.

Here are our top tips for stunning tables:

  • Pick a theme / Find your inspo

Is it casual-chic, stylish-spook, Autumn-harvest or Winter-sparkle? There’s lots of ways to be inspired, whether it’s a colour, an occasion, a season or a place. There are loads of ideas that have been shared on Pinterest, so this is a great place to get started!

  • Make the most of what you have

Find playful new ways to repurpose things you already have in your home. Like giving your old white tablecloth a new lease of life by dying it with tumeric or adding some iron-on vinyl to napkins for personalised name settings. You could also go on a nature walk to collect pinecones or pick some fresh flowers from your garden. Sometimes the best things in life are free.

Things you might need:

Level 1- the basics: Dishes, silverware, glasses, napkins and a tablecloth

Level 2 – the décor: Candlesticks, flowers and garlands

Level 3 – the extra touches: Anything from pumpkins and fruits to mirrors or trinkets

  • Upcycle or recycle

Grab those empty jars and pots, some paints, yarns or vinyl and start decorating. Or if you find your table is still missing something, head to a charity shop. They’re filled with all sorts of treasure that could be perfect for your table but won’t break the bank.

Learn the art of Tablescaping

5 ways to DIY your table with Cricut

  • Add some height!

The best decorations don’t always have to be on the table. Create decorations to hang from the ceiling for that extra wow-factor. Rosette fans and banners are a perfect choice and all you’d need is your Cricut, some card, glue and string.

Design Space Rosette Fans Project

  • Get crafty with your table settings

It’s all in the extra-finishes, and who doesn’t love a table-setting keepsake to take home with them? Grab some napkins and turn them into a personalised masterpiece using iron-on vinyl.

Custom napkins Design Space project

  • Give your old table runner a new lease of life.  

Transform your table runner from drab to fab by adding iron-on elements that match your theme perfectly.

Table runner Design Space project

  • Not enough placemats? No problem.

Choose from an array of images on Cricut’s free app, Design Space. And cut your own placemat out of card!

Placemats Design Space project

  • Add the finishing touches

Add some feature points to your display, like this papercraft basket or snowflake jug made from removable vinyl. Super affordable, super-easy and super-chic!

Jug Design Space project

And one more tip…don’t forget to share your Cricut tablescapes using #CricutCreated on social media.